PANEELIKATTOMAALI Paint for panel ceilings


PANEELIKATTOMAALI is a white, water-borne acrylate dispersion paint for ceilings. The paint is very opaque and it prevents bleeding of knots and other dark spots. Finish: matt.

The product has been classified in Emission Classification of building materials to Group M1.

Painting of ceiling panels in dry spaces indoors. For priming and top coating of untreated and previously varnished or painted wooden surfaces.

Tehnilised andmed


About 40 % by volume

Volatile organic compound (VOC)

EU VOC limit value (kat A/a): 30 g/l. The product's VOC: max. 30 g/l.

Practical spreading rate

6 - 8 m²/l


1.3 g/ml

Drying time +23 °C, the relative air humidity 50 %

- dust free

- overcoatable

after 1 hour

after 3 hours

The drying process will be slower in cold and/or damp.

Thinner, clean up

Water. Wash the equipment immediately after use with detergent and warm water.




White T1326 (NCS S 0500-N)

Washability and wear resistance

Wear resistance of the painted surface is good.

Wet scrub resistance, class 1 according to EN 13300 (ISO 11998).

Packages (availability varies by country)

White: 2,7 L, 9 L


See Safety Data Sheet.


Surface preparation

Clean new wooden surfaces from dust and dirt.

Wash dirty previously varnished or painted surfaces with RENSA SUPER paint cleaner. Remove loose and poorly adherent varnish or paint coats. If the wooden surface has previously been oiled or waxed, the suitability of PANEELIKATTOMAALI to the surface must be ensured with a test painting.


Priming with unthinned PANEELIKATTOMAALI.


Before use stir the paint thoroughly.

Apply PANEELIKATTOMAALI by brush. Also roller or airless spray may be used for application, but the surface must be finished with a brush especially when priming unpainted wood.

Recommended nozzle size for airless spray is 0.015 - 0.019''.


The surface to be painted must be dry. During the application and drying period the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the paint shall be above +10 °C and the relative air humidity below 80 %.

Good ventilation during the application and drying period quickens the drying process.

Surface maintenance

The final forming of the paint film takes 3 - 4 weeks under normal circumstances and after that the ultimate durability and hardness is reached. Before this the painted surface must be treated with care.

The painted surface can be cleaned by wiping with a neutral (pH 6 - 8) detergent. For very dirty surfaces can also alkalescent (pH 8 - 10) detergents be used. Detergent and dirt are removed by wiping and/or rinsing the surface with clean water. Use a cleaning cloth, soft sponge or similar for cleaning. Avoid coarse brushing or heavy abrasion. Follow the dilution and other instructions of the detergent producer when using detergents.


Must not freeze.

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